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The Book of Enoch

A Warning About "The Keys of Enoch"
The Keys of Enoch is not a "lost book" of the Bible.

      From a description of the book: "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® is a paraphysical text or "code-book" written in 1973. It is a text of higher consciousness experience which explains how the human race is connected with a more advanced higher evolutionary structure of universal intelligence. The linkage is made through 64 areas of future science, the basis of an ongoing study that is part of a 30-year program of human development, covering a wide spectrum of independent scientific confirmations.  The overview describes how The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® prepares us for the paradigm shift that will affect all aspects of the social, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of life."
From a review of the book by the author JJ Hurtak: "This is a spiritual scientific textbook that in poetic science states the issues of the future. The Keys examines the puzzles of life and gives a spiritual explanation as to why we exist in this reality. It should be pointed out that this text was not "channelled" but given directly to the author in direct face-to-face experience with two beings of Higher Superluminal Intelligence."

The Book Of Enoch

      Enoch, the son of Jared, is mentioned several times in the Bible at Genesis 5:18-24, Hebrews 11:5, and Jude 1:14-15. The Verse in Jude directly quotes The Book of Enoch.  The Book of Enoch was considered canon and exact by the early Christians. Early church authorities such as Justin Martyr, Augustine, Irenaeus, Origin, and Clement of Alexandria all made use of The Book Of Enoch and considered it genuine. Tertullian considered it scripture, calling The Book of Enoch "Holy Scripture". It was also added to the official canon of the Ethiopic Church.  The Book of Enoch was widely read and used during the first three centuries after the death of Christ. The Council of Laodicia, 381 AD, discredited The Book of Enoch and banned it. It gradually disappeared, but in 1773 James Bruce, a famous explorer, returned from Abyssinia with three Ethiopic copies of the text. In time, several sections of the Greek version were found. Seven fragments of The Book of Enoch in the Aramaic text were discovered in Cave 4 of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The original Book of Enoch was composed in Hebrew.  The Book of Enoch can be divided into five parts: The Book of Watchers, The Book of the Similitudes, The Book of Astronomical Writings, The Book of Dream Visions, and The Book of the Epistle of Enoch.

The Secrets of Enoch

      The Secrets of Enoch is found only in the Slavonic interpretation, hence, it is often referred to as Slavonic Enoch. It appears that The Secrets of Enoch had a great influence on the writers of the New Testament, explaining and verifying some of the more darker passages found in the New Testament.

      Enoch lived 365 years, was the son of Jared, father of Methuselah, grandfather of Lamech and great-grandfather of Noah.  His full genealogy can be found in the fifth chapter of Genesis.  Below are some of the more interesting references found in the writings of Ehoch:

The "Taking Up" of Enoch
Enoch 39:3
A cloud then snatched me up, and the wind raised me above the surface of the earth, placing me at the extremity of the heavens.

Enoch Is Snatched Up By A Whirlwind
Enoch 51:1
After that period, in the place where I had seen every secret sight, I was snatched up in a whirlwind, and carried off westwards.

Enoch Ascends Into Heaven
Enoch 70:1
Afterwards my spirit was concealed, ascending into the heavens. I beheld the sons of the holy angels treading on flaming fire, whose garments and robes were white, and whose countenances were transparent as crystal. 2 I saw two rivers of fire glittering like the hyacinth. 3 Then I fell on my face before the Lord of spirits.

 Many people do not know that Enoch was taken up more than once.
He was actually returned to Earth after his first "taking up". Here are verses concerning this:

Samuil And Raguil Are To Take Enoch Down To Earth
Secrets Of Enoch 33:7
And I give you Samuil and Raguil , who led you up, and the books, and go down to earth, and tell your sons all that I have told you, and all that you have seen, from the lower heaven up to my throne, and all the troops.

The Angels Take Enoch Down To Earth
Secrets Of Enoch 38:1
And the Lord said to those men who first led me up: Let Enoch go down on to earth with you, and await him till the determined day. 2 And they placed me by night on my bed.

The Angels Place Enoch On The Earth
Enoch 80:7
Then those three holy ones caused me to approach, and placed me on the earth, before the door of my house.

What did Enoch do while he was in the heavens?

Enoch Was Taken To Heaven For 60 Days And Wrote 366 Books
Secrets Of Enoch 68:1
Enoch was born on the sixth day of the month Tsivan, and lived three hundred and sixty-five years. 2 He was taken up to heaven on the first day of the month Tsivan and remained in heaven sixty days. 3 He wrote all these signs of all creation, which the Lord created, and wrote three hundred and sixty-six books, and handed them over to his sons and remained on earth thirty days, and was again taken up to heaven on the sixth day of the month Tsivan, on the very day and hour when he was born.

The Archangel, Pravuil, The Reed Of Quick Writing
Enoch 22:10
And the Lord summoned one of his archangels by name Pravuil, whose knowledge was quicker in wisdom than the other archangels, who wrote all the deeds of the Lord; and the Lord said to Pravuil: Bring out the books from my store-houses, and a reed of quick-writing, and give it to Enoch, and deliver to him the choice and comforting books out of your hand.

Where was Enoch was during this time?

Enoch Was Hidden With The Holy Ones
Enoch 12:1
Before all these things Enoch was concealed; nor did any one of the sons of men know where he was concealed, where he had been, and what had happened. 2 He was wholly engaged with the holy ones, and with the Watchers in his days.

Michael Conceals The Spirit Of Enoch
Enoch 70:4
And Michael, one of the archangels, took me by my right hand, raised me up, and brought me out to where was every secret of mercy and secret of righteousness. 5 He showed me all the hidden things of the extremities of heaven, all the receptacles of the stars, and the splendours of all, from whence they went forth before the face of the holy. 6 And he concealed the spirit of Enoch in the heaven of heavens.

God's Ointment
Enoch 22:9
And Michael did thus, as the Lord told him. He anointed me, and dressed me, and the appearance of that ointment is more than the great light, and his ointment is like sweet dew, and its smell mild, shining like the sun’s ray, and I looked at myself, and I was like one of his glorious ones.

Since Enoch Was Anointed With The Ointment Of God, He Did Not Eat
Enoch 56:2
Enoch answered to his son Mathosalam and said: Hear, child, from the time when the Lord anointed me with the ointment of his glory, there has been no food in me, and my soul remembers not earthly enjoyment, neither do I want anything earthly.

Enoch Taken Up Again

Enoch Was Translated And Did Not Know Death
1st Clement 9:4
Let us set before us Enoch, who being found righteous in obedience was translated, and his death was not found.

God Transports Enoch, He Does Not See Death
2nd Adam and Eve 22:8
When Enoch had ended his commandments to them, God transported him from that mountain to the land of life, to the mansions of the righteous and of the chosen, the abode of Paradise of joy, in light that reaches up to heaven; light that is outside the light of this world; for it is the light of God, that fills the whole world, but which no place can contain. 9 Thus, because Enoch was in the light of God, he found himself out of the reach of death; until God would have him die.

Enoch Was To Be Taken In One Year
Enoch 80:9
During one year we shall leave you with your children, until you shalt again recover your strength, that you may instruct your family, write these things, and explain them to all your children. But in another year they shall take you from the midst of them, and your heart shall be strengthened; for the elect shall point out righteousness to the elect; the righteous with the righteous shall rejoice, congratulating each other; but the sinners with sinners shall die,

Elijah Translated In A Fiery Chariot, Enoch And Elijah Will Return To Earth 
Nicodemus 20:3
One of them answering, said, I am Enoch, who was translated by the word of God: and this man who is with me, is Elijah the Tishbite, who was translated in a fiery chariot. 4 Here we have hitherto been and have not tasted death, but are now about to return at the coming of Antichrist, being armed with divine signs and miracles, to engage with him in battle, and to be slain by him at Jerusalem, and to be taken up alive again into the clouds, after three days and a half.

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