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2 / 26 / 05
      The largest alternative energy project on the planet should be important news, but where is it on the mainstream media, and does the Energy Department have any similar projects?
Solar Tower of Power Finds Home

      Just a thought, but shouldn't science prove that black holes are real before they waste time and money theorizing on every aspect of something that probably does not even exist. 
Does the phrase "Publish or Perish" apply here?  We hope to present a complete look at the whole spectrum of theoretical science and its impact on "real" science in the future.

Matter Nears Light Speed Entering a Black Hole

      Well now that we have solved.....excuse me......ignored all the problems on this planet
we can go somewhere else and create more problems there to ignore:

                           Space Watch: An Oasis on the Moon?

Paranormal Radio and TV Links

The Things Our Government and Corporate Masters Do Not Want You to Know
      The "other news", without the corporate, or corporate-controlled government spin. 
If you prefer the information you receive about the world lukewarm, government approved, premasticated, predigested, and in pabulum form do not bother to click this link.
Alternative Media Links 

The Jennings UFO Special

3 / 07 / 05

       They're back!!!! And just as pompously authoritative and obnoxiously pious as ever:
Israel's Sanhedrin Overrules Sharon Government

        UFO Evidence is one of the Internet's largest sources of quality research and information on the UFO phenomenon
UFO Evidence

       It is the corporate control of every aspect of life that we warn against.  Walmart is the rogue elephant in the corporate jungle.
Wal-Mart Tossed Out of New York City
Wal-Mart: A Corporate Profile

       They don't even want us to take vitamins.  What's next a ban on fresh vegetables and fruit?
Codex Alimentaris Ends U.S. Supplements in June 2005

       Ignoring our stewardship over the planet is coming back to bite us!
Array Of Toxic Chemicals In Humans 'Alarming'

       A great resource on all those things the government calls swamp gas, night flares, weather balloons, and Venus!
Filers Research Institute - Filer's Files

       Where have we heard ultimatums like this before?
Bush Demands Syria Out Of Lebanon By May

       Bush said he was hiding in a hole so they put him in one so Bush would look good.
Public Version Of Saddam Capture Fiction - Ex-Marine

       The religious right is not "right" by anyone's standards other than their own, and certainly not in the eye's of the Christ they claim to emulate.
What Jesus Wouldn't Do

       The Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move
The Jesus Landing Pad

       Werner von Braun's associate Carol Rosin has persisted for nearly thirty years in trying to carry out Dr. von Braun's request to get weapons banned from space.
Werner von Braun On ETs, Asteroids & Weapons In Space (Scroll down for the story)

       Global domination, from the administration's standpoint, goes far beyond terra firma.
USAF Counterspace Operation Doctrine

       The man set to control the spooks has a rotten record even Saddam can't beat.
Negroponte’s Dark Past - The Case Against Bush’s New Intelligence Czar

       Intelligence in the barnyard, go figure?
Sheep might be dumb ... but they're not stupid

       Bush clearly stated he did not like the intelligent elite and that includes any yoyos out there that consider factual evidence relevant.
Suicide by Pseudoscience - Major Scientists Say Bush Promotes Pseudo-Science
The Pentagon Fights Back Against Administration's Embrace of Junk Science
The Junk Science of George W. Bush

       If you aren't aware of these awards you should be.
The Ig® Nobel Awards

3 / 13 / 05
Well they do eat fish so why should we share our fish with them?
No Fish? Blame The Seals!

      "If you're in L.A. ...and you hear a person with a North Dakota accent taking your order, you'll know what we're up to."
McDonald's Eyes Unusual Outsourcing Strategy

      E-hunting, kill innocent animals from the convenience of your own home.
Live Animals Can Now Be Hunted on the Web

      Well the conclusion of this article may be amiss but the devastation of our planet's forests was even worse than we think.
Prehistoric Farmers Felled Forests After All

      Perhaps the the most fascinating aspects of the scientific quest for the origin of life is the purity of the gobbledy-goop they have developed into a higher art form. Speculation on hypothesis about theories based on theories about hypothesis on other speculations. The last statement in this article is "Clearly there is a great deal more work to be done!" I would certainly hope so!
Context for the Origin of Life on Earth

      You've heard about black holes that are microscopic, small, medium, large, gigantic, and fat. They suck, they blow bubbles, they hide, they gobble, and they spin. They contract, expand, hum, feed, some are master black holes, and, of course, black holes once ruled the universe. Black holes are even inside you Yet, once again, they are nothing more than theoretical entities. But wait.......now they are a threat to understanding the universe!!!! Is there end to this dribble?
Black Holes Influence Knowledge Of The Universe

      You would think that, after the forty-year failed quest of the SETI Project to detect alien life, someone would come up with a better way than monitoring radio waves from space, wouldn't you? And of course it is ridiculous to think a civilization perhaps light years ahead of technologically would even use such primitive ways to communicate. No, what they obviously have are cell phones with the Hyper Extended Galactic Roaming Package, or at least somebody thinks so:
Hello Aliens, This is Earth Calling

      Did someone have an epiphany? Corporations have been assaulting everything from our health to our intelligence, from birth to death since the dawn of time.
Hatred of Corporations Spreads Across the Internet

      Here is our primer on the corporate reality:
Humanity Incorporated, High Evil in the Corporate World

      A remarkably clear UFO image
UFO Photograph Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom - November 14, 2004

      Many think UFOs didn't show up until the Roswell incident but they are misinformed:
UFO Crashes in the 19th Century

      We have thousands of sightings from long before Roswell to long after:
UFOs in History

UFOs And The Media
UFO Crashes
UFO Investigations
UFO Quotations

      Just the way this story was described seemed beyond the realm of reality. "A granite artwork known as the 'Cursing Stone' blamed for bringing misfortunes of "biblical proportions" to a city has been saved from destruction." Why, in the name of logic, would you want to save it? Does life seem to be turning into one big reality show?
'Cursing Stone' Saved By Council

      Ball lightning sightings are rare but something about the way they are described reminds me of something in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" Remember those glowing red balls of light that followed the UFOs around in that movie? Just a thought.
Ball of Lightning Shot Across Room

      Nothing need be said about the following piece:
We are visited and controlled by UFOs from the M15 Globular Star Cluster – the densest Black Hole driven “Core Cluster” – the capital of the Universe

      Isn't this comforting?
Advanced Weapon Systems Using Lethal Short-Pulse Terahertz Radiation From High-Intensity-Laser-Produced Plasmas

      Bigfoot in Arizona?
The Mogollon Monster

      Sure let's blame it on God, or Mother Nature, or anything but humanity. If you blame it on reckless corporate indifference, where the blame belongs, then somebody might try to make them fix it
Polar History Shows Melting Ice-Cap May Be a Natural Cycle

      Got Zen?
101 Zen Stories

      When reruns just aren't enough, and you simply have nothing better to do with your time and money:
TrekUnited.com Star Trek Fans United to Resurrect and Fund Enterprise

      If the truth were known, and it is not that hard to find, there is an even more sinister agenda at work in Bush's attack on Social Security than just making bankers and brokers richer. They want to reduce benefits based on race and gender before they get rid of it altogether. This article shows the depths to which these yoyos will go to sell it to the flock of sheeple who will listen with their minds closed.
Obama Slams Bush For Linking Accounts To Blacks' Life Span

      Off the planet would be preferable but this is a good start
Wal-Mart Off t5he School-Supply List

      Chief of space was a former CIA spook, and everybody loves him:
Griffin Was President and Chief Operating Officer of In-Q-Tel, a CIA -Bankrolled Venture-Capital Organization.

3 / 07 / 05

♦  Rumsfeld has just managed to create a new, Pentagon spy/special ops organization, blandly named "Strategic Support Branch," that will replace or duplicate many of the CIA's tasks.
Paranoia Grips the U.S. Capital

♦  This is one of the most signifcant events in human history and almost no one knows about it:
The Santa Clara Blues: Corporate Personhood Versus Democracy

♦  In all, at least 20 federal agencies, including the Defense Department and the Census Bureau, have made and distributed hundreds of television news segments in the past four years, records and interviews show. Many were subsequently broadcast on local stations across the country without any acknowledgement of the government's role in their production.
Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged Television News

♦  I would ask "what are they thinking?" but do we really want to know?
Maximum Pain is Aim Of New US Weapon

♦  A fascinating study is the amazing amount of evidence that validates the accuracy of the Bible, this is but one more recent example:
Controversial Dates of Biblical Edom Reassessed In Results From New Archeological Research

♦  We must not have enough to worry about:
Bad News - We Are Way Past Our 'Extinct By' Date

♦  We spend bizillions on exploring space but we barely have a clue about the simplest living things on this planet:
New Research Opens a Window on the Minds of Plants

♦  Until we learn not how to do these things, instead of learning how to do them better, we are destined to repeat them.
War Without Mercy - The Great Tokyo Air Raid of March, 1945

♦  Thank goodness global warming is a myth or this might be something to worry about:
Himalayan Glaciers 'Melting Fast'

♦  The ship of the future - powered by the sun, wind and waves
Unveiled: The Clean Queen of the Sea

♦  A controversial visiting exorcist says Melbourne's demons are the most vicious in the world because our society is a religious vacuum.
Exorcist Fights Demons

♦  This could be saber-rattling but Bush has threatened Iran and Syria while demanding things they simply can't produce. Democracy marches on.....or is that the same sound Europe heard when Hitler was on a roll?
Converging US Navy Carrier Groups In Mideast Send Strong Message To Iran and Syria

♦  Science still won't believe there is enough evidence that non-human life forms have visited Earth to sink a continent, but they love their theories!
Scientists Gravitate Toward E.T. Notions

♦  A triple whammy:
Seattle Fireball, Quake, Power Outage

♦  The Sudanese government had a nasty shock this week, when it read on a US Congress website that the Americans had conducted nuclear tests in the country.
Typing Error Causes Nuclear Scare

♦  One good typo story deserves another:
Typo Sends Truckers to Psychics

♦  Wouldn't it be scientific-like to first prove black holes exist before we make claims about what they can do?
'Red And Dead' Galaxies Surprise Astronomers

♦  Well were we there or not? And even if we were was it worth it? So......who really cares but NASA's budget bullies?
End of Conspiracy Theories? Spacecraft Snoops Apollo Moon Sites

4 / 02 / 05

♦  "Human activity is putting such a strain on the natural functions of Earth that the ability of the planet's ecosystems to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted,"
Two-Thirds of World's Resources 'Used Up'

♦  Black holes are staples of science fiction and actually are dark-energy stars another product of "science" fiction. Confused? You should be.
Black Holes 'Do Not Exist'

♦  In the cold murky depths of a Wisconsin lake lay mysterious rock structures wrapped in Native American folklore and local legend.
Underwater Pyramids in Wisconsin

♦  Ancient massive structures are found all over the world, even on islands in the middle of the ocean.
Pyramids of the Canary Islands - Tenerife

♦  The UFO cover-up is analyzed:
UFOs - A Mindset Behind The Curtain

♦  Our article on why the UFO cover-up makes sense to the powers that be:
The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up

♦  The rush to fatten the coffers of the defense industry is a threat to the safety of those who receive their
U.S. Army's Stryker Vehicle Faulty -Report

♦  Apathy for the people we conquered could not be more blatant; starvation in Iraq has doubled since we "saved" them.
Children 'Starving' In New Iraq

♦  The concept of "scale":
Powers of Ten

♦  Is the U. S. big in anything other than weapons of war?
America By the Numbers

♦  With no words for want, worry, wealth, or when, nomadic Moken remain close to nature.
Sea Gypsies See Signs In The Waves

♦  The real question is why colonize the Moon, or go to Mars, when we have such horrendous problems on Earth?
Why Colonize The Moon Before Going To Mars?

♦  The church takes a defensive move with censorship they claim they don't use anymore:
Cardinal Plays Down Da Vinci Code Debate

♦  The limits of thought:
How Much Can Your Mind Keep Track Of?

♦  An interview with Crop Circle researchers Ed & Kris Sherwood
Crop Circles Under The Spotlight

4 / 14 / 05
The Revelation Series

On Thursday, April 13 the NBC network began airing a series titled Revelation.  This is our commentary on the beginning of this series:
            It is difficult to determine where the plot is going by just viewing the first installment of the series but certain aspects have been introduced.  A baby, presumed to be Jesus, is found floating on debris form a shipwreck in the middle of the ocean.  A Satanist who doesn't bleed and can alter the weather, presumed to be the Antichrist, is under arrest for ripping out the heart of the daughter of one of the main characters.  Biblical verses, which seem to be a verification of the plot, are flashed before each segment.  The nun that is searching for Jesus is making random assumptions and quoting scriptures, which also seem to be meant to justify the plot. 
            The strong emphasis on Revelation should be carefully noted.  The orthodox view is about the end times is fairly well known and thoroughly conditioned into the human mind.  The Revelation allegedly contains the story of an antichrist rising up, forming a world government and religion, bringing false peace to the world, forcing mankind into absolute worship and receiving a tattoo to prove loyalty, with Jesus finally returning to defeat him.  The only problem with this view is that none of it has any basis in the book that supposedly details this scenario.
              The word Antichrist, or a powerful character resembling the one portrayed in the traditional end time’s plot, does not even appear in the Revelation, and Jesus clearly stated he will return from the sky with a great army; not as child.  There is no mention of a world-ruling government or religion taking power just before the return of Jesus anywhere in scripture, and the "Mark of the Beast" is specifically connected to the control of all financial transactions and not a sign of religious worship.  Virtually none of the characters, organizations, and story lines found in the orthodox script of the end times is found in Revelation. 
            Logic would dictate that when producing a show about the end times, research into the scripture that relates to those times would be carefully conducted.  Of even greater import is the practical consideration that anyone concerned about these times would be driven to actually read about this in the book it supposedly is detailed.  The glaring fact is that no scriptural research is ever done in any of the productions attempting to portray the end times, and regrettably few ever bother to check where those portrayals originate.  The reason such a broad condemnation can be made is that it can easily be checked just by reading the book. 
            We recommend a relatively simple research project to prove the points we have outlined.  Our presentation is linked below but we emphasize that this is "our" research, not yours.  Look at what we present; then read the Book of Revelation with the orthodox views of the end times in mind.  Try to find them; we did and we failed.  We believe only one of two conclusions can be reached.  Either Jesus failed to completely inform us of what to expect, or a great deal of false information has been added to the story that totally alters the reality of what actually happens.  We believe the latter is true and constitutes the major component of what has come to be known as the "Great Deception" 

Our research can be found here:
The Revelation

The truth about the real deception can be found here:
Humanity Incorporated

Rapture Letters 

News That the 'Rapture' Has Come and Gone Alarms Many Christians 

Worried about some powerful entity taking over the world?  What do you call this?
The New American Slavery 

RFID is slowly taking control and implants controlling our finances are just a step way:
Aerospace & Defense Give RFID Huge Push
Vatican Library adopts RFID

Irrational things like the following story are happening with this insane obsession with terrorism tied to every aspect of our lives.  Commenting on (this) incident, Baltimore County police spokesman Bill Toohey told the Sun: "It's a sign that we're all a little nervous in the post-9/11 world."
Man Arrested, Cuffed After Using $2 Bills

A maze of man-made chambers, walls and ceremonial meeting places, America's Stonehenge is most likely the oldest man-made construction in the United States
America's Stonehenge

An African mystery:
The Dancing Stones of Namoratunga 

Are these true signs of the end times?
Hailstones 'As Big As Eggs' Kill 18
Quakes Warn of Seismic Danger Closer to Home

4 / 26 / 05
Enjoy them; we paid a fortune to take these pictures.
Tour the Universe Through Pictures

 It is two years since looters ravaged one of the world's most important museums, in central Baghdad.
Two Years On, and History is Still Being Lost In the Dust of War-Torn Iraq.

Volcanic eruption adds new twist to Comoros legend
Indian Ocean Bigfoot

One third of all Martian missions fail.
The Mystery of the Disappearing Spacecraft

We are being overwhelmed with data.
'Info-Mania' Dents IQ More Than Marijuana

This article brings to mind the Double Atmosphere concept that might explain why Pterodactyls could fly, and many ancient civilizations seemed to thrive in high altitudes, where humans now have to struggle to breath.
Lack of Oxygen Worsened 'Great Dying'

Ball lightning can vary in size from as small as a golf ball to as large as a half a mile in diameter.
Mysterious Phenomenon Is Simply Electrifying

About 90% of the planet's disease burden falls on the developing world. Yet only 3% of the research and development expenditure of the pharmaceutical industry is directed toward those ailments.
A New Way of Developing Drugs for Neglected Diseases of the Poor World

If octopi did not already exist on earth but one was discovered, it would definitely be classified as extraterrestrial in origin.
Which Invertebrate is Considered the Most Intelligent?

The Revelation series is a move to ride the shaky coattails of the "Left Behind" movement and "The Passion"
Armchair Armageddon

The rapture culture even influences U.S. foreign policy.
Scripture as Foreign Policy


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