UFO Disclosure
The Harsh Reality

          On May 9, 2001, Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project paraded a convincing cast of military and government witnesses before cameras at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. And then......nothing. Almost 6 years of non-disclosure about why it never went beyond that single press conference, even though it was the brightest "flash in the pan" the UFO movement had experienced. Almost immediately, Greer set up a corporation dedicated to finding the elusive technology to provide the world's energy needs with "alien technology". He put all his efforts into that, and all we ever got was a video to remember the hope the press conference generated. The hope that, finally, we might get some answers from the government went the way of most alternatives to mainstream thought; it got sold.
         Even though very little has been done, not withstanding the efforts of Steven Basset and a few others to force government disclosure, something recently, almost out of the ether, seems to have generated that governmental UFO disclosure so important to the credibility of the entire UFO movement. And, interest in UFOs has spread from the generally ignored paranormal and UFO "community" to the mainstream media. Suddenly, the justified fear of ridicule connected with reporting UFO sightings is fading and acceptance by the mainstream is increasing.

Recent Disclosure History

         The best remembered UFO disclosure event to occur, which remains one of the largest "elephant in the room" in the UFO field, was Project Blue Book in 1969 that was undertaken by the United States Air Force. It was officially discontinued with the Air force citing the reason that UFOs did not present any threat to national security. It should be noted that this was not a denial of existence.
We do not need to go back hundreds or thousands of years to find clues to the current interest in UFOs; a decade will suffice.
March 1997 - The Phoenix Lights event garnered the widest international attention of any UFO encounter in modern history in March 13, 1997. Less than two years later, in
January 1999 - Joe Firmage, a Silicon Valley CEO turned UFO evangelist, posted his a 700-page UFO manifesto, "The Truth".
May 2001 - The Disclosure Project National Press Club event mentioned above took place, and Stephen Bassett took up the cause of UFO disclosure in his independent candidacy in the 8th Congressional District of the State of Maryland.
May, 2004 The Mexican Department of Defense released videos of a sighting of multiple UFOs taken by an Air Force Merlín C26A, virtually admitting that UFOs exist.
July, 2004 - Governor of New Mexico and presidential candidate, Bill Richardson, stated, "It would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows."
February, 2005 "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs -- Seeing Is Believing"
May, 2005 - A year after the Mexican Department of Defense released its videos, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) releases all its files on UFO contacts.
September 2005 - Paul Hellyer, Canada’s Defence Minister, publicly stated, "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."
April 2006 the Paradigm Clock, which tracks proximity to a formal acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, was reset to 11:59:45, just 15 seconds to midnight.
November 2006 - A significant sighting took place at O'Hare Airport in Chicago and received worldwide attention and media coverage.
February 2007 The Chilean Army discloses recordings and secret contacts with UFOs before over a thousand attendees at the 10th International UFO Congress.
March 2007 - The French national space agency, CNES, placed 1600 previously classified UFO sighting reports into the public domain on the Internet.
March 2007 - Former Arizona governor, Fife Symington, revealed that he had seen a massive black triangular UFO fly overhead early in the evening of March 17, 1997 - the first Phoenix Lights event.
April 2007 - The proposed "U.N. Decade Of Contact" to establish diplomatic relations with advanced E.T.s petition is well on its way to reaching its goal for submission to the United Nations.
         Of the 14 major events listed above, which are moving UFO disclosure closer to reality, 11 have occurred in the last 24 months. This indicates that the mainstream is moving rapidly toward an acceptance of the greatest revelation in human history. Or, is that better phrased as a return to the beliefs our ancestors held since the beginning of human history?

The UFO Paradigm Shift

         There is no record of recent influence in human affairs, by the occupants of UFOs, although there have been reports of high tech tampering with nuclear weapons and possible power interferences during exotic weapons testing. This is, of course, excluding the exotheological concept that the ancient religious writings were inspired by extraterrestrial contact. Most of the UFO contact recorded with the military is because of the mere presence of UFOs, not any aggressive action on their part. Just the fact that they are there seems to make those witnessing them presume they are, somehow, interfering with human activity.
         So, how did the concept originate that these incredible flying vehicles seen throughout the history of mankind were "evil aliens from outer space"? The telescope was not introduced to astronomy until 1609 by the Italian scientist Galileo Galilei, but six of the nine planets are easily seen by the unaided human eye. This means that humankind has been looking at these objects, whether they understood what they were or not, since first gazing into the sky, and Earth was not even generally known to be a planet until the 17th century. Up until that time, it was believed all the known planets orbited the Earth. Before Galileo invented his telescope, the planets of the Solar System were not recognized as potential locations or worlds, they were only lights that moved differently from stars. The shift of concepts from gods commanding UFOs to visitors from other planets had its origin in two events:
         First, Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli, who was director of the Milan Observatory and an esteemed Italian astronomer, saw Mars in a whole new light through his telescope in 1877. He created the first "modern" map of Mars, on which he showed a system of what he called “canali”. Although canali in Italian means "channel“ or “gully”, without the implication of being an artificial feature, when his work was translated into English, the word “canali” was incorrectly rendered as canal. This mistakenly implied something made, rather than natural, and was immediately taken to mean that Schiaparelli had discovered evidence of intelligent life on Mars.
         Then, only 21 years later, the War of the Worlds, written by H. G. Wells in 1898, which described an invasion of England by aliens from Mars, was published. It was an instant hit in its day, and had a repeat impact 40 years later when Orson Welles broadcast a radio adaptation of War of the Worlds by the Mercury Theatre as a Halloween special on October 30, 1938, which caused panic throughout the United States.
         Combined with Schiaparelli's falsely labeled "Canals on Mars" hitting the public just two decades before, the die was cast. From that point forward, up to the present day, UFOs, have been connected with life from other planets. If we presume that recorded history goes back 12 to 14 thousand years, mankind thought they were gods for 13,900 years, and aliens from other worlds only a little over 100 years. We have no more proof that there is life on other planets than we did 14,000 years ago, yet, UFOs are thought by almost everybody to be from other worlds. This is a very strong point to consider when determining who is piloting them and what they actually are.

When Disclosure Happens

         Little thought is ever given to what will happen, how the world’s major institutions will react when the world becomes aware of the definite presence of UFOs, beyond the possible threat they may pose to humanity. Completely absent from the debate is any possible benefit this may bring to the world, even though there is no evidence they intend any harm. The reality is not the danger they pose directly to mankind, but the indirect negative effect such a presence would have on earthly institutions, especially the bottom-line, whether that line refers to wealth or power.
         Our history shows that society has been rapidly brought under the subtle control of the forces that have been able to gain the wealth and the power that affluence brings. Gerald Loeb, a founder of E.F. Hutton, once stated "The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race." In our modern society pursuit of wealth and power is conditioned into our thinking from the cradle to the grave.
         Those forces, now seen in the form of global corporations, control almost every aspect of our lives, from the moment we are born in a hospital managed by a medical corporation, to the grave, which is controlled by the powerful funeral industry. Our history, social values, morals, scruples, and everything of real value to life are neatly tucked into a few minor lessons learned in the primary years of education. Everything else we are taught is focused on our predetermined future role as servants or consumers of capitalism. Lost in the mix is any sense of our place in the universe, our destiny. We are taught that life consists of three main activities, work, consumption, and death. Any exposure to extraterrestrial life comes in the form of entertainment or cheap tabloid news, which we are charged for, and is never taken seriously.

The Shock of UFO Disclosure

         No event in the history of civilization will have more of a shocking impact on society than the realization that we are not the master race in the universe, and that we have been, and are now, being visited by a superior intelligent life form. Life, as we know it, will change forever and all the things that were important the second before that realization happens will take a back seat to this new understanding.
         The mainstream media will be focused entirely on this new paradigm, government will be scrambling for answers, the military will go on high alert, science will be turned upside down, religion will be circling the wagons around the collection plates, and big business will be pondering the profit potential. The major institutions of our society will be huddled in contemplation about how to react and what their future will hold in the face of this sudden change in human perception.
         What the powers controlling the world will do is anybody's guess, but we can be certain that self-interest will be the priority. Protecting the wealth and power each institution holds will dominate any consideration and the interests of the masses will not be part of any response. There will be no need for any action on the part of the visitors; just their presence will be enough to deem them a threat. Those who have been warning of an “alien invasion” or satanic deception will be shouting form the rooftops and warning of the impending doom about to fall on humanity. The current “human” terrorist threat will become the “alien” threat as predicted by eminent scientist, Werner Von Braun, and all energies will be focused in that direction.
         We must consider the immediate impact either a high presence of UFOs in our skies, or the open admission by government or the media of that presence, would have on the major social institutions. In other words, proof, which the world will accept that UFOs exist. The ramifications of such a revelation would have no rivals in human history and, therefore, any concepts about this are purely speculative, so, the rare values of logic and common sense must be applied.
         In the second part of this article we will look at the possible motivations for, and reactions to a UFO disclosure, when the government, the military, science, education, religion, and other social institutions are faced with this amazing reality.

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