"The Lost Tomb of Christ" 

Talking Points and Links

A Few Talking Points

An Interesting Thought
            "Simply finding a tomb with the name “Jesus”(or Yeshua) and assuming this must be the Jesus of the New Testament would be like finding a grave today marked “John” and assuming you had discovered the true grave of President John F. Kennedy.  I have seen Jesus Alou, baseball player for the Oakland Athletics, play on T.V. but I didn’t assume that because his name was spelled like the Jesus of the Bible that Jesus had returned to earth and joined the American League. "

Boycott Movement
            Rev. Donald Wildmon and his American Family Association have called for a boycott of the channel and its advertisers.

An After Preview Discussion
            Discovery Channel said Thursday that Sunday night's telecast will be followed by a discussion of the film moderated by Ted Koppel that will include critics

Banned in India
            Mumbai :Roman Catholics in the metropolis on Friday called off their protest against the proposed screening of a controversial documentary on Jesus Christ after broadcaster Discovery Channel decided not to telecast the programme in India.

Recreations and Illustrations
            The documentary includes dramatic recreations, based on the latest historical evidence, illustrating accurate images of Jesus of Nazareth, his family, his followers, his ministry, his crucifixion and his entombment.

An Anomalous Discovery
            “My concern is if it were truly documentable and scientific, it would have already been documented. Historians would know about it,” said Pam Ford, chairwoman of the world studies department at Mt. San Jacinto College and an anthropologist and archaeologist at the Western Center for Archaeology & Paleontology.

Not a New display
            A spokeswoman for the Israel Antiquities Authority said one of the Mary ossuaries has been on display for many years at Jerusalem's Israel Museum

University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem
            Stephen Pfann, a biblical scholar at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem said the film's hypothesis holds little weight.

A Few Random Links 

We could find nothing is full support of the film,
other than those things promoted by those directly involved.

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