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April 21, 2006
From, a completely ineffective Master UFO Caller, Ramon Watkins has, suddenly, morphed into a completely ineffective Master Salvation Teacher.  He has completely dropped his failed UFO Summoning Tour, altogether.

Watkins is No Longer the "Master UFO Caller"

Prophet Yahweh has another list where he predicts very obvious events and then use stories on CNN, along with broad latitude and convoluted reasoning to prove these generic prophecies. How he proves his predictions, is not only almost hilarious, but also, an insult that he would think his readers are so gullible that they would believe it.
You can read the messages without joining.
Future News Events

December 13, 2005
Prophet Yahweh is having a very bad week.  First he makes the UFO Watchdog Hall of Shame, and, now, The Randi Foundation has even rejected himGo to the link below and scroll all the way down to Message # 18 and read to the last one, # 23.  
Application Rejected, Test Cancelled, File Closed

October 28, 2005
Prophet Yahweh Has Left the Building!!

On October 28th Prophet Yahweh announced "
My Yahoo Groups Will Be Deleted Sunday".  On October 30th his three main discussion lists were deleted, probably by Yahoo, due to complaints about their racist homophobic, and generally offensive content. 

Please check the Current Posts for any recent updates.
The last update is
April 21, 2006.

A New Forum
       Due to the overwhelming response we are receiving to this issue, we have opened a discussion list related to the Prophet Yahweh issue.  It will, also, fill the gap in the two-way flow of information and debate he has denied on his own list.  You can join here: Prophet Yahweh Disclosure List

The Prophet Clock -  Prophet Yahweh never finished a single thing he promised in over 7 months, so, it simply made no more sense to keep updating it.

The Plan for an Unsuspecting World  - What is Ramon Watkins' real objective?  He won't get away with it, but it's nice to know how a petty dictator thinks anyway.

YAHWEH, The Name -
What is behind his obsession with the name Yahweh?

Rapid Changes -
Mr. Watkins has gone from a media craver to virtual hermit, in record time. Is he avoiding facing the facts we, and many others, have uncovered?

Erratic Behavior - I'm the boss here, they're trying to kill me, voices in the night, I'm certified, if you don't like it go away, I don't like you.

Blocking Communications - He does not like dealing with others, has problems answering direct questions, and will attack any who dare question him.

Prophet Yahweh's Teachings - Here is where we find the beginnings of his true agenda.

Money, Money, Money!!! - God wants me rich so he gave me $750,000, no wait, $500,000, no, $750,000, no wait, nothing, no $500,000.

Prophet Yahweh's Harem - Lust and deceit in Yahwehland.  Despite already having a wife, and claiming to receive SSI for his mental illness, he is looking for another wife, and claiming he makes $150,000 a year.

Media Appearances - We're working to get this set up as a complete access point for all video and audio files on Mr. Watkins, and all those that want to kill him, also known as, parody video and audio producers

Our Contact - Our fruitless attempt to get information about his agenda.

Our Press Release - If one sees a wrong, which you can reveal, but leave unexposed: the effects of that wrong are their direct responsibility, from that point forward. 

Our Personal Commentary - We express our opinions here.

The Plan for an Unsuspecting World
       Getting right to the heart of the matter, we have found a document called
"IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HOLY AND WONDERFUL YAHWEH", which by itself, proves not only the incredible ego of this man, but his unbelievable hypocrisy.  He capitalizes everything, which he claims are direct quotes from God, and this writing is THICK with capitals.  You can jump to the link below for the full version or read the capsulation we provide, or both; either way, prepare for something out of the realm of reality.  It reads like the rough script of a movie about the antichrist.  If there is one coming, which we strongly doubt, the character he portrays himself to be is a shoo-in for the role.

       In this document he claims:

First God searched him out but he actually asked God for the job of top prophet, and was approved.
He has been commanded to go to war.
He is preparing to receive a massive fortune for Israel's sake.
He must build two great temples for God; one in the Nevada desert, one in the "Amazon wilderness of Brazil" with highways and huge storage facilities.
He "must build survival retreats for Israel", in which his acolytes, called "students", will be pampered while the world suffers.
The "two witnesses" he identifies as Enoch and Elijah, will be flown to him by spaceships at his desert compound.
He "must plan for our national deliverance", which is defined, in a rambling description, as kicking the Israelis out of Israel to accommodate his followers
He defines the border of his kingdom, called New Israel, as half of Egypt, half of Sudan, part of Uganda, all of Eritrea, all of Israel, all of Jordan, all of Lebanon, part of Saudi Arabia most of Syria, almost half of Iraq, part of Kuwait, which will require the forced removal of all peoples from those lands.
He and his "students" will rule the world. 
There can be no doubt, (and he makes sure we know it), that he is "YAHWEH's Chosen One".
God has told him to become a media mogul by selling his "Pay-Per-View Summonings" worldwide.
He claims that he is actually "The Voice Of Him Who Cries In The Wilderness" and not John the Baptist.
And, as amazing as it seems, in, what he says are God's own words, he actually proves conclusively he is a false Prophet and was commanded to stop his ministry by God in 2004.  

In the name of the most holy and wonderful Yahweh

This document is similar in content to the one above:
The Black Jew Hebrew Israelite Study Guide
** Another document about PY's agenda.

Ramon Watkins is a False Prophet! - In his own words!
This is verification, from Mr. Watkins directly, that he wrote and endorses both these documents.

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YAHWEH, The Name
       Many wonder why Prophet "Yahweh" is so obsessively repeating the name "Yahweh", at almost every other sentence. We have researched this and, with the help of Mr. Watkins himself, we believe we have the source of this "signature" word, which is about the doctrinal concepts he stresses; only this name must be spoken.  You can access our research on the origin of this, his core belief, and two newsletters he just presented on this subject here: YAHWEH

Rapid Changes
       Claiming various reasons, but eventually settling on "Sabotage" as the publicly stated one, Mr. Watkins then decided to close his original website Prophet Yahweh and transfer all his activities to a Yahoo discussion group. The notice posted on the original website and the newsletter announcing the closing of the site can be found here: New Yahoo Group.
       The Yahoo discussion group called simply "pyufos" was opened June 3, 2005 and originally had some features available on Yahoo group pages, including Messages, Files, Photos, Links, and Polls.  Since Post was not activated there was no way to "discuss" on this discussion list and there was only one message from Mr. Watkins in message list.  Attempts to send an email to the list was immediately bounced back with the notice that "Your message was not delivered because it was sent to an announcement-only group, where only the moderator may post."   The Database, Chat, and Members features were also absent. 
       Within 24 hours all the features disappeared, with the exception of "Messages", which, of course, contains only messages from Mr. Watkins.  This was announced, after the fact, through a rather bizarre newsletter curiously claiming that " strategy was, was to allow the group to close their own features and not me.  And, this is exactly what happened."  The text of that newsletter can be found here: Why All Group Features Are Permanently Blocked?
June 4, 2005

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Blocking Communications

No More Emails Please!  June 7, 2005

1-800 Toll Free Number Will Be Temporarily Cut Off   June 7, 2005

Money, Money, Money!!!

       The second most obvious obsession Mr. Watkins has, which is running almost neck and neck with the name "YAHWEH", is money, and lots of it.  His writings are filled with references to the great fortunes in gold, silver, cash, slaves, and even the infrastructures of entire nations. We could detail this further, but this is blatantly obvious in his writings you will find on this page.  Perhaps the most bizarre indication of this man's intention to become wealthy are a string of ongoing posts to his new discussion group pyufos.
       We really don't need to comment, but be forewarned, this is really weird. It requires that you read the whole string, and keep your nausea pills at hand. Well, we will comment. This is the worst con game you can imagine, apparently intended to trick some very gullible philanthropist or any other victim he can buffalo into giving him the money that YAHWEH seems to be needing.

Breaking UFO News: I Have Been Given $750,000!   June 7, 2005

More About My $750,000   June 8, 2005

You Won't Believe What Was Said About Me And The $750,000 I Am Giving Away!   June 8, 2005

The $4,800 Check Was Counterfeit! - Bank Account Closed!   June 9, 2005

More About My Real Financial Donor  June 10, 2005

I Was Entered Into Million Dollar Challenge!  June 16, 2005 

**Prophet Yahweh Refunds**

UFO Update June 18, 2005, AKA, Pitching for Money  June 18, 2005

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Prophet Yahweh's Harem

Prophet Yahweh's Personal Page 1

Prophet Yahweh's Personal Page 2

Media Appearances

Prophet Yahweh comes to Arizona  July 22, 2005

PY Audio And Video Clips

The Edge  June 16, 2005 

Interview with Buckethead from Real Rock Radio in Orlando

Prophet Yahweh on the Bill Broshears Show   Note: Click on the link -  wlw700.wma
** Please note in this interview PY makes certain claims about the Bible or beings in the Bible.  We have some important points on this aspect, which we describe here: Bill Broshears Show

Our Contact

Our Letter to "Prophet Yahweh"  June 1, 2005

Our First Post About Prophet Yahweh  June 3, 2005

Our Letter to "Prophet Yahweh"  June 6, 2005

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