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Prophecy 18 - Why Hurricane Katrina Struck New Orleans!
September 6, 2005




A Prophet Yahweh Group


"Here now my words, if there be a prophet among you,
I YAHWEH will make myself known unto him in a vision
and will speak to him in a dream..." Numbers 12:6

"I have also spoken by the prophets, and I have
multiplied visions, and used similitudes [symbolisms]
by the ministry of the prophets..." Hosea 12:10


The most holy and wonderful YAHWEH uses me
to foretell of future news events, before they happen.

I focus on news articles that will surface in the future
mainly on the CNN web site.... Prophet Yahweh


Dear List,

On, September 1, 2005, I sent out a prophecy concerning another super hurricane coming.

I forgot to send it to my "Future News Events" group; instead I sent it only to my other groups.

That prophecy is attached towards the bottom of this email.

If you have not read it, be sure to do so.


Since that mailing, I have been had additional revelations concerning the super hurricane that's coming.

Also, it has been revealed to me why, starting with the hurricane season of 2004, the weather in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean has gone crazy.

The answer can be found when you consider the main targets of those areas hurricanes: Miami/Florida, Haiti, and New Orleans.

In order for you to understand why this is happening, you must know that, contrary to popular beliefs, Black people of slave descent are the original and true Israelites or Jews.

And, according to prophecy, the most high and all-powerful YAHWEH is preparing to deliver us from out of all nations where we were scattered slaves and return us to the land of Israel.

He is going to return us to Israe after He uses His Angels to evacuate it of all its present day inhabitants.

We once ruled the world in the days of our greatest King, King Solomon.

We gained control of the world by the conquering hand of King David, Solomon's father.

It was in King Solomon's days that we started abadoning YAHWEH and starting worshiping the gods of the earth.

As time went on, we completely rejected YAHWEH and He brought the mighty armies of Rome against us because of our sins.

Millions of our people fled down into Africa to escape going into slavery to the Romans.

This mass exodus of our people, out of Israel, down into Africa, made the Africans angry and they captured us and sold us to the White man who took us to the Americas.

Keep in mind that our down fall, as a people, from rulers of the world to slaves, is a direct result of us turning away from YAHWEH and worshiping the gods of the earth.

Now, we are living in the days when YAHWEH is starting to make Himself known to our people because our deliverance from out of all nations back to Israel, is not far away.

YAHWEH has sent His Angels to the earth, in Their spaceships, to make YAHWEH known to us.

They are outside the earth's atmosphere, in space, out of view, most of the time, until they decide to descend in their ships to make their presence known.

Now imagine them looking down from the heavens, from out of Their ships, and noticing the various locations of the people, in the Americas, they have been commissioned to deliver.

The thing that stands out the most to them is that in Florida, the name of YAHWEH has been consistently blasphemed, for years, through out the entire state by a religious group who calls themselves the Yahwehs.

Their leader calls himself Yahweh Ben Yahweh and claims that he made the stars, moon, sun, and all that exists.

The city of Miami, is the headquarters of this group, and the entire state of Florida is their strong hold!

YAHWEH's Angels have a controversy with the state of Florida because it's the state where blasphemy of YAHWEH has taken place, more than any other state, because of the Yahwehs spreading such damnable lies statewide, proclaiming that their leader is YAHWEH in the flesh.

Because of this, Florida is vile to YAHWEH's Angels, and they have been sending hurricanes to punish the state because of all its blasphemy against YAHWEH.

Also, consider that: Haiti, Miami, and New Orleans are the strongholds of Satan's Voodoo and Santa Ria and other cults.

In these cities, our people, the Israelite nation, the people YAHWEH chose to represent Him and to teach all other people His ways, and how to worship Him, are in a state of mass ignorance concerning themselves.

We don't know who we are much less what our national calling is from YAHWEH in saving all people from the flames of hell.

Because of this, YAHWEH has His Angels striking us in strange, mysterious ways - mainly with hurricanes!

YAHWEH has been using hurricanes to deliberately strike the cities where Satan's strong holds are that are devouring our people and other people in the process.

When YAHWEH's Angels look down from heaven, what do they see in New Orleans?

They see the celebration of the god of drunkeness and debauchery, Bacchus!

Yes, they see us participating in the keeping Bacchunalia under the code name, the Mardi Gras.

The Angels of YAHWEH look down to the earth, out of their spaceships, and behold our nation bound in the deepest part of our souls with the New Orleans demonic lifestyle and celebrations.

In Florida, the blasphemy of YAHWEH's name has reached an all time high because of the Yahweh's spreading lies, to the entire state, claiming their leader Created all things and that which is not created, he created that as well.

In Haiti and New Orleans, so many people are fearful of and worship of the power of Satan's Voodoo and Santa Ria, that few people living in those areas goes unaffected by them in some way, directly or indirectly.

Because of this, YAHWEH has decided enough is enough!

He has decided that no longer will His people be bound by the lies, worship, and celebrations of the devil!

And, He, YAHWEH, has ordered His Angels to attack those cities with hurricanes and floods, and the worse is yet to come.

The reason why YAHWEH is allowing it to happen, and sacrificing a few for the good of many, in those areas, is because, as He continues doing the same things, in those same areas, all our people and other people will know, without being told, that the Creator does not like how they are living and what they are doing.

Because of the suffering to come, the masses of Israel and the gentiles, in those cities, will begin crying out to what they think is the Creator asking Him to have mercy and show them the way.

Many of them will declare, in their prayers, that they know they have lived their lives in ways that is not pleasing to Him.

Many people will repent a true repentance to YAHWEH.

And, until then, nothing is coming from YAHWEH but death on the Carribean, Florida, and the Gulf States and all other regions of the world!

Death is being poured out on the earth because of the sins of all people, especially the Israelites!

More and more castrophies will come and continue until the entire planet earth becomes the Kingdom Of YAHWEH!

The Angels of YAHWEH know that they can not return us to Israel, in the name of YAHWEH, until They make known to us the ways that are not right and separate us from our addictions to those ways.

They know that the shock from supernatural diasters are the most powerful ways to humble people and cause them to repent.

They know that we must be cleansed spirtitually from the deceptions of Satan and organized religions.

They know that we, and all other people, must be called back to YAHWEH and the keeping of His Laws and commandments for eternal life.

And, they know that they have chosen the right person to make YAHWEH known to the people.

As time goes on, and other diasters are sent from YAHWEH, when the people cry out, asking for the truth, asking why things are happening the way they are, with the blessings of YAHWEH, I will be there to tell them the truth.

You see, there can be no deliverance and return of our people back to Israel in YAHWEH's name if we are bound by the chains of Satan's names, religions, and lifestyles.

The same goes for all other people who want to love and serve YAHWEH but will not go back to our land with us.

Because of this, woe be to all people who live in the strong holds of the Devil: the Carribean, and Gulf Coast states!

The hurricanes and other catastrophes will not stop coming!

They will continue to strike those areas, in the Almighty name of YAHWEH, in biblical proportions, until YAHWEH's Messiah comes!

This must happen in order to turn humanity away from the Devil and back to YAHWEH for the salvation of their souls.

So be it.

So let it be done!



From: Prophet Yahweh <prophetyahweh@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Sep 1, 2005 11:08 pm
Subject: Another Super Hurricane Is Coming!


Dear Lists,

I am starting to receive major revelations, from the most high and wonderful YAHWEH, of another super hurricane coming soon!

I am hearing things like it would be a super hurricane of super hurricanes!

Based on what I am hearing, from YAHWEH, the coming hurricane will be off the scale.

This means that the coming hurricane can't be measured because the highest level for one is a "Category 5," and the super hurricane, I am hearing about, will be greater than that!

This means that a super hurricane is coming that has never been recorded before, and it can't be measured based on today's standards.

According to the visions I am having, its sustainable winds will be almost unclockable.

I am hearing that this super hurricane will be the biggest and most powerful hurricane ever in modern human history!

Also, it appears that this super hurricane will hit the state of Florida and travel up the coast.

I can't see which coast it is or the directions that it will come from.

If I get anymore details, from YAHWEH, I will let you know.

Let there be no doubt about it, this super hurricane of super hurricanes will certainly strike the state of Florida.

To help you understand how powerful this hurricane will be, since it will be greater than a Category 5, here is a link to a page that will describe all the Categories to you:


Yours In YAHWEH's Future,

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

Could this/these vision(s) be symbolic or literal?

Well, we will see when the news fulfillment article surfaces on the CNN web site.


Yours In YAHWEH's Revelations Of The Future,

Prophet Yahweh
Seer of Yahweh

the end

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