Man's Inhumanity to Mankind

Below, we present links to articles about many of the horrors humans inflict on humans.

Somalian Deaths Over Drinking Water
Nepal: Rights Groups Urge Sanctions on King
Nepal Police Open Fire on Pro-Democracy Protesters, Four Killed
UN's Nepal Envoy Cites Flagrant Rights Violations

Crisis in Darfur
Darfur-A Genocide We Can Stop

Japanese-American Internment Camps
Japanese Relocation Centers
Japanese Internment Camps in Canada
Atrocities by British on India during the British rule
The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos  (WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
Abu Ghraib Torture and Prisoner Abuse
North Korea: Briefing on Present Situation

Slavery Still Exists in Mauritania
Confinement of Migrant Workers in Malaysia, Condemnable
Fighting human trafficking at Cambodia border
Europe-Wide Human-Trafficking Ring Cracked
Guam helping CNMI investigate human trafficking
Sex slaves auctioned in British airport arrival halls
JP Morgan Admits U.S. Slavery
Slavery and America: the Horror Continues
Encyclopedia of Slavery

U.S. History of Slavery
Slavery and Indentured Servants
Sudan - slavery briefing
Human Trafficking
Trafficking in Human Beings
Trafficking in Human Beings (Interpol)

North Korea's grisly arms tests on babies
Child protection Trafficking and sexual exploitation
Orphan Trains

The Canadian Residential School System
Stolen Generations
Civil Rights Crimes in Adoption
Chinese Baby Smuggling
Baby Farming
Bastardy and Baby Farming in Victorian England
Child Labour in India: Causes, Governmental Policies and the Role of Education
Stolen Away: Criminal Gangs Run Amuck In Iraq, Hundreds Of Girls Have Gone Missing
5,000 Child Abuse, Rights Violations Cases in Saudi Arabia

Child Marriage in India : Socio-legal and Human Rights Dimensions
Children forced into Darfur death squads 
Iraqi Children Suffering 'Alarming' Malnutrition
Child sex tourism

Female Genital Mutilation
Bride Burning in India
Dowry in India
Thai Women Trafficked into Debt Bondage in Japan

Women face human rights abuses in the informal legal sector

Human Rights Violations
Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms
Investors Warned About Weyerhaeuser's Environmental and Human Rights Problems
U.N. Human Rights Council Closes its Eyes to Sudanese Government’s Role in Darfur Violations
14 Million Poor, Socialism Vanishes from North Korea
Sri Lanka: "Karuna Group is Doing Govt's Dirty Work," - Human Rights Watch
Child Poverty Increase a "Moral Disgrace"
More Cases of Cancer Found in Minnesota Miners; Studies to Follow
Human Rights Advocate Attacks U.S, Over Treatment of American Samoans
Human Rights Council Calls for Fact-Finding Missions to Probe Israeli Abuses
Human Rights Council Turns Blind Eye Toward Iran and Uzbekistan
Children Victims of Slavery, Famine
Human Rights in Russia Eroding
Smugglers Toss Hundreds of Refugees to Sharks
US Accused at UN as Human Rights Abuser
El Salvador: Amnesty Law Biggest Obstacle to Human Rights, Say Activists
U.N. Expert to Visit U.S. for Assessment of Human Rights in Counterterrorism Efforts
Vietnam: Human Rights Record is Abysmal
'Awkward' South Africa Accused of Playing Politics with Human Rights
UN Disappoints Again on Human Rights
Hague Tribunal Finds Government Guilty Of Human Rights Violations
9/11 Remains Fill Potholes, Worker Claims
UN Human Rights Envoy Accuses Israel of 'Apartheid'
UNHCR Reports on Human Rights Violations
Burma: Natural Gas Project Threatens Human Rights
Amnesty International Criticizes EU for Double-Standards in Human Rights
Report on the Human Rights Situation in Liberia
Human Rights Group Urges Action on "Disappearances" in Thailand
New Report Shows Minorities Still Hurt by Environmental Injustice
France Says Human Rights Report on Darfur "Very Worrying"
The Human Rights Record in the United States in 2006

No End in Sight to Misery Among Kenyans 
Chilling Abuses Chronicled as UN Human Rights Mission to Darfur
ACLU Urges U.S. Accountability for Human Rights Violations
Malaysian rights group says hundreds of foreigners stranded at airport
Sudanese police detain human rights activist
UN Human Rights Council to dispatch fact-finding delegation Palestine
OIC concerned over human rights abuses in IHK
World’s worst human rights offenders to ‘collaborate’ on ‘human rights’
Guinea: Rights Group Accuses Security Forces of Rape And Murder
Disabled fear Ontario bill limits human-rights agency's powers
Uzbekistan warns Human Rights Watch as NGO campaign continues
Report Documents Katrina-Related Human Rights Abuses
Missiles Shroud NK Human Rights
UN rights experts want date for Guantanamo closure
Raiders From Sudan Killed 118 in Chad, Rights Watch Reports
Belarus tries to close human rights group
Ignoring human rights
Mass Graves Of Children Found Near Montreal; Orphan By Using Nazi Doctors
Smuggled pictures of refugees expose extent of human rights abuses in Burma
Mexico rights watchdog finds brutal police tactics
Britain: Blair pledges to override Human Rights Act
U.S. is world leader in avoiding human rights accountability: Says Amnesty International report
Abductions open door to human rights pressure
Rights Commission asks government to end quota deadlock
Partylist: Human rights violations unresolved
Rising human rights abuses alarm Roxas
Amnesty International Issues New Human Rights Report
Deploy Darfur force by Oct 1, rights groups urge UN
George Field, Defender of Human Rights, Is Dead at 101
UZBEKISTAN: Rights activist faces 8-year sentence after appeal ...
Human rights violators must be held to account
Summit discusses Aboriginal abuse
Human Rights Forgotten in UN's War of Words, Bolton versus Mark Malloch Brown: News Analysis
Proposed Labor Bill to Confront Human Rights Violations in Mariana Islands
Nigeria: Human Rights Commission Frowns At Assaults On Media
Chechnya secret prisons photos turned over to prosecutors: Russia rights group
Middle East: EU Should Chide Israel On Human Rights Says Amnesty
Amnesty says China arming human rights abusers
Suicides at Guantanamo Raise Human Rights Concerns
Human Rights in Cuba Deteriorating, Says European Union
Bush Administration Must Confront Colombian President on Human Rights Abuses
Vietnam rejects U.S. Human Rights Watch report
South Africa's Human Rights Commission Criticizes School System
Human Rights Watch Calls For Fair Treatment of All Former Child Soldiers
Human Rights Watch criticizes Jordan
A sad day for human rights
Rights Group: Indonesian Military Threatens Human Rights
International human rights committee facing closure in Belarus
Middle East: Weekly round-up of human rights violations
Iranian woman spared by European rights court
Exiled human rights lawyer calls ICC to investigate attrocities in Zimbabwe
Indonesian human rights group alleges torture of Papuans
Amnesty Int'l to Detail Human Rights Record of Candidates for U.N. Watchdog Agency
Chinese Human Rights Report Blasts US Record
Human Rights Not High on Bush-Hu Agenda
Human Rights Violations in Chechnya
Endless Brutality: Ongoing Human Rights Violations in Chechnya
Human Rights In India
Human Rights in Afghanistan
Human Rights in Russia
Iran-Amnesty International Report
Human Rights in North Korea
Articles of the International Press on Human Rights Violations in Turkey
US Human Rights Violations
Human Rights Concerns US Domestic Human Rights Program
The Enron Corp Corporate Complicity In Human Rights Violations
China Human Rights Fact Sheet
Human Rights in Myanmar
Human Rights Violations Against Tamils in Sri Lanka

UN rights expert demands release of political prisoners, dialogue in Belarus
Torture "widespread" under US custody: Amnesty
U.N. states urged to reject 7 for new rights council
Human rights report gives mixed reviews to Mexico's Fox
UN human rights experts deplored Myanmar for counter-insurgency operations targeting civilians
New Haiti human rights report: Miami Law school investigates UN "failures
UN human rights body criticizes US's supercilious attitude
UN mission warns of deteriorating human rights in Iraq
Top web companies violating human rights, charges Amnesty International
Palestinian Center for Human Rights releases report detailing Israeli war crimes

Las Vegas makes it illegal to feed homeless people in parks
Kuwait calls for enquiry mechanism into Israel's human rights violations
Asian Human Rights Group Urges UN to Set Higher Standards
NGOs Urge G8 Focus on Human Rights Situation in Russia
US is main violator of human rights: FM speaker
More US action violating human rights likely: Council of Europe
Key anti-terror law is a breach of human rights, judge rules
Amnesty International Report Calls Eastern Chad an Unfolding Human Rights Tragedy
UN rights forum adopts ban on "disappearances"
Violence, Torture Routinely Used in Zimbabwe Says Rights Group
RP Refuses to Sign UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples' Rights
New UN Rights Body to Review Alleged Abuses By Israel
Mobile Death Vans – Good for Human Rights?
Human Rights Abuses and Detentions Persist in Syria
UN: Gaza siege tramples human rights
Rights group claims Cuba holding 300 political prisoners
Human Rights Watch: Mounting violence closing Afghan schools
Nigeria: Police Stop Human Rights' Meeting
Monthly Human Rights Assessment: June 2006
Greek Human Rights Worker Remains in Detention
Nigeria loses seat in UN - Over human rights records
PanAfrica: Aids - Success in Fight Threatened By Rights Abuses
U.N. human rights experts chastise U.S.
Report alleges U.S. gay rights violations
Hezbollah rocket attacks are “probable” war crimes: rights group
Prisons at Center of Damning Report on U.S. Human Rights
Human Rights watch Targets Israel

Sedatives Linked to Pneumonia, Strokes
More Needs to Be Done to Fight Aids
Child Workers Exposed to Chemicals
Health Canada Tightens Guidelines on Fish Consumption
Save Human Beings from Medicinal Pollution
Children's Ads Show Lots of Junk Food
Today's Teens 'Less Healthy than Their Parents
Antibiotics Grossly Over Prescribed for Sinus Infections
Vector-borne Diseases a Growing Threat, Says Document

Chagas Infection Spreading in Louisiana
President Rejects Health Care Proposal
Nanocosmetics: Buyer Beware
Children'S Medicine Contains Banned Additives
Big Pharma's Lunatic FDA Says Cherries are Now DRUGS
Firms Receiving Warning Regarding Cherry and Other Fruit-Based Products with Disease Claims in Labeling
Citizens Who Lack Papers Lose Medicaid
Antibacterial Soap Ingredient Triclosan May Be Harmful to Humans
Tracking the Spike in Boil / MRSA Outbreaks Around the USA and World
More Media Attacks Against Supplements

Test All Kids for Lead Poisoning, Says Opposition
Killer Epidemic Hits West Africa
Aged, Frail and Denied Care by Their Insurers
Unknown Virus Outburst in Murree
Chernobyl Toll May One Day Surpass 90,000

Western Shoshone Oppose Planned 700-Ton Detonation
Justice Minister Considers Closing Environmental Court  
Chinese Premier Warns Of Environmental Toll
Church Denounces Global Warming But Invests In Oil
Dead Zone Linked To Farm Subsidies
Air pollution, cramped living in Athens breeding 'super mosquitoes'
You Are Probably Eating Dangerous GM Food Daily - Seeds of Deception
Return of the Flu
25 years on, AIDS still spreading

Depleted Uranium - Far Worse Than 9/11
Soon Only Aspartame Sodas May Be Sold In Our Schools!!
Death Made In America: Impacts of Depleted Uranium Contamination on Afghanistan's Children 
Over 78,000 cases of chikungunya reported in State
Four More Deer With Fatal CWD (Mad Cow) In WVa
Environmental Stresses Increase Risk of Avian Flu Outbreak
Africa faces threat from emerging animal and plant diseases
Modern day slavery flourishes
Aktobe police releases 13 Uzbek citizens from slavery
Israel, Arabs join to fight white slavery

Are infectious diseases on the rise?
WHO urges quick action on emerging infectious diseases
Obesity At Age 18, Death In Middle Age  

Human Testing
Pesticide Industry Plotted Bush Human Testing Policy
Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment and Here
The Puerto Rican Cancer Experiment
Germ War: The US Record and Here
The Pellagra Incident
Mustard Gas Experiments and Here
Plutonium Experiments and Fallout Research on Humans and Here and Here
Military Human Experimentation Protocol
80,000 Adaman Island Political Prisoners Experimented On
Willowbrook State School
List of Experiments and Atrocities and Here
Program F
Measles Vaccine Experiment 1990 Los Angeles
A Short History of US Government Respect For Human Life


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